Automate Your SSIS Design Patterns for Fater Development

Once you finish designing the SSIS packages needed for your project, the process of creating those packages is mostly redundant and time-consuming. BI Markup Language (BIML) removes the pain-points involved in manual development by programmatically generating packages. A free version of BIML is available with BIDSHelper, an open source project on CodePlex. Download BIDSHelper, and make […]

#sqlpass Summit 2014 on Twitter

Earlier this month, SQL Server and Business Intelligence professionals from around the world gathered in Seattle for the annual PASS Summit, the largest conference of it’s kind. Similar to the Twitter dashboard I created for the 2012 conference, I captured what people were tweeting and created a few visualizations. These show what people were talking […]

Automate T-SQL Merge For Loading Dimensions

If you’re a data warehouse developer, chances are you use T-SQL Merge statement to process slowly changing dimensions. If you’ve coded a couple of Merge statements, you might’ve noticed that most of that code is redundant. By saving source to target data map and other metadata before hand, you can automatically generate Merge statements to load slowly changing […]