Stock Market Chart in Power BI

U.S. stock markets have taken a beating this past week fueled by China markets. Take a look at how China and US markets fared this year and learn how to create these chart using Power BI Desktop. The three line charts in the following image represent weekly data Shanghai Composite Index (China), Dow Jones Industrial Average, […]

Tracking S&P 500 Using Power BI

S&P 500 index is an American stock market index consisting of 500 large companies and is considered to be the one of the best representations of the U.S. stock market, according to Wikipedia. The following dashboard created using Power BI Desktop tracks the index over time. I’ve also hid a few things in this post for […]

Replace Blank Values to NULL in SSIS

Blank values are annoying, anywhere and everywhere. If your source system contains them, here’s how to convert blank values to NULL in an SSIS data flow task. For this demo, I created sample data at the source with blank values in “ColC” column. You can add a Derived Column transformation and use the following expression to replace […]

Baltimore Crime Report Using Power BI

As part of my quest for using data to find answers to everyday questions using Power BI – after analyzing baby names and eating habits – I turned to crime data for the city of Baltimore. Data is obtained from Open Baltimore and I used Power BI Desktop. Once you download the data, creating theese dashboards is […]